What Are Some Different Types of Sutures?


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Sutures are absorbable or nonabsorbable and braided or nonbraided, according to Surgical Instrument Pictures. Absorbable sutures are absorbed by the body over time. They include Monocryl, chromic, Vicryl and polydioxanone.

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Some absorbable sutures, such as the Vicryl Rapide, are absorbed within two weeks, while others such as the Panacryl suture take as long as 70 weeks to be absorbed, says Surgical Instrument Pictures. Sutures that are not absorbed by the body, such as those made of nylon, silk or Gore-Tex, need to be removed by a medical professional.

Braided sutures come with strands that are woven together like rope, says Surgical Instrument Pictures. However, some surgeons prefer nonbraided sutures because they are less subject to infection.

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