What Are Some Different Types of Sports Supplements?

What Are Some Different Types of Sports Supplements?

Some different types of sports supplements include protein bars and powders, conjugated linoleic acid, glutamine and multivitamins, notes the Men's Fitness website. These supplements can aid in weight loss and lean muscle mass development.

A weight trainer or exercise enthusiast should consume protein both before and after workouts, reports Men's Fitness. Protein stimulates muscle growth and reproduction. It can be difficult consuming sufficient protein through regular meals, so a protein powder or bar can supply the necessary nutrients, in addition to fats and carbohydrates.

Conjugated linoleic acid contains omega fatty acids that help reduce fat and preserve muscle tissue, reports Men's Fitness. This substance can help regulate blood pressure and combat obesity, states WebMD. For fat loss, users can take up to 7 grams per day.

Glutamine reduces inflammation and the risk of infection, reports Men's Fitness. In addition the substance helps regulate glycogen to stimulate muscle growth. Users can take glutamine with the intention of enhancing performance.

Rigorous exercise can exhaust the body of vital nutrients. A multivitamin can replenish these nutrients to prevent vitamin deficiency. Users can take multivitamins to help maintain a specific body weight, notes Men's Fitness. MayoClinic states that multivitamins should supplement a meal and not replace it completely.