What Are Some Different Types of Skin Mites?


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Types of skin mites include chiggers, scabies mites, rodent mites, bird mites and itch mites, reports the Illinois Department of Public Health. These mites bite the skin, causing irritation, itchy red papules and rashes, says the University of California, Davis.

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Itch mites such as the straw itch mite prey on insects. They attack humans who come into contact with straw, grass or materials sheltering the mites. Their bites leave itchy red marks that look like a skin rash. Rodent mites attack humans following the death of their hosts. They may also abandon their host and bite people. Bites from tropical rat mites are painful, irritating and itchy. Bird mites, such as northern fowl mites and chicken mites, infest birds, but may also bite people. Cheyletiella mites attack birds and mammals, and their bites are itchy, explains the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Chiggers bite the skin and insert skin-digesting saliva before ingesting the liquefied skin. Scabies mites burrow and lay eggs under human skin. They cause irritation and itching, observes the Illinois Department of Public Health. Scabies mites attack areas with thin skin, such as the groin, armpits, hands and wrists, states the University of California, Davis.

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