What Are the Different Types of Sciatic Nerve Pain?

different-types-sciatic-nerve-pain Credit: Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Types of sciatic nerve pain include L4 nerve pain, L5 nerve pain, S1 nerve pain or a combination of different pains, says Spine-Health. These pains are named for the area of the lower spine from which they originate.

L4 pain is mostly felt in the thigh, and patients might feel weakness when they straighten their leg, states Spine-Health. Their knee-jerk reflex is also weakened. In L5 pain, the pain shoots down the leg to the big toe. There is also pain or numbness on the top of the patient's foot that is concentrated between the second and big toes.

S1 nerve pain is felt on the outside of the foot and extends to the little toe, says Spine-Health. The ankle jerk reflex may be diminished, and, in these cases, patients may feel weakness when they raise their heel or try to stand on their toes.