What Are the Different Types of Ringworm?


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Dermatologists divide cases of ringworm into several main types that depend on the location where the infection is found, according to WebMD. Ringworm most commonly occurs on the skin of the body, scalp, feet or groin, and each has its own technical name.

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Ringworm mainly occurs in three places on the human head. Ringworm on the scalp is known as tinea capitis, and ringworm on the face is called tinea faciei. A third type, known as tinea barbae, occurs in the skin under men's beards, according to MedicineNet.

Ringworm that occurs on the trunk is tinea corporis, which is Latin for "body worm." Tinea pedis, which is more commonly known as "athlete's foot," occurs on the feet and toes. Jock itch is also a form of ringworm known as tinea cruris. When ringworm occurs under the nails, whether on the fingers or the toes, it is known as tinea unguium, as explained by MedicineNet. In each case of ringworm, determining the technical name of the condition is a matter of combining the Latin name for woodworm, "tinea," with the Latin name for the afflicted location. This form of nomenclature allows doctors to more easily identify and categorize instances of ringworm.

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