What Are the Different Types of Pneumonia?


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The different types of pneumonia include community-acquired pneumonia, health care-acquired pneumonia, hospital-acquired pneumonia and aspiration pneumonia, according to Mayo Clinic. Pneumonia is categorized according to the origin of the infection and the sort of germs that cause the condition.

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What Are the Different Types of Pneumonia?
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The most common type of pneumonia is community acquired-pneumonia, which occurs outside hospitals and health care centers and is caused by bacteria, bacteria-like organisms, viruses and fungi. Health care-acquired pneumonia is a bacterial infection acquired by people who reside in long-term care facilities or who have had treatment from outpatient clinics, states Mayo Clinic. Hospital acquired-pneumonia is a bacterial infection acquired in the course of a hospital stay for another condition. Aspiration pneumonia comes about when a person inhales food, liquid, saliva or vomit into the lungs.

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