What Are Some Different Types of Pill Crushers?


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Pill crusher models vary from twist styles, crushers that work similarly to garlic presses and industrial plunger styles, according to Ocelco. A twist crusher is the most common and least expensive option. It works by placing the pill inside the crusher and then twisting the cap until the plunger inside crushes the pill. Drawbacks for this style of pill crusher include cross contamination when not properly cleaned and breakage when used on harder pills and vitamins.

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Patients who regularly crush pills may upgrade to a garlic-press style crusher, explains Ocelco. These crushers are more sturdy. Patients crush the pills in individual bags that they place inside the tool, which eliminates the chance of cross contamination.

In an institutional setting, medical professionals use a durable metal pill crusher with a base, handle and plunger, notes Ocelco. They place the pill between two soufflé cups to prevent cross contamination and crush the pill with the plunger.

Hospital staff may crush pills to add them to enteral feeding tubes, states The Hospitalist. At home, people may choose to crush pills and add them to food or drinks if they cannot swallow the pill or dislike the taste. However, patients should never crush extended-release tablets, sublingual medications, effervescent medications or enteric-coated tablets.

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