What Are Some Different Types of Mental Health Quizzes?


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Some different types of mental health quizzes include casual self-assessment quizzes found online, formal self-assessments suggested by doctors, and formal quizzes conducted by doctors, according to Psych Central. Mental health quizzes can also vary by topic. Some topics include anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, eating disorders and bipolar disorder.

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What Are Some Different Types of Mental Health Quizzes?
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Casual self-assessment quizzes can be helpful to determine one's likelihood of having a mental health disorder, notes Psych Central. These quizzes can also help monitor symptoms over time. Casual self-assessments are not to be used for diagnosis, but to help decide whether an appointment with a doctor is necessary. Some casual mental health quizzes on a variety of topics are available on PsychCentral.com.

When visiting a doctor to discuss a possible mental health problem, the doctor may provide self-assessment questionnaires to the patient. These include questions about the patient's symptoms and behavior and are filled out by the patient before being scored by the doctor. The result of a self-assessment can inform a doctor about how the patient behaves and thinks outside of the doctor's office, and aids in the diagnosis of mental health disorders.

A doctor can also use a checklist or quiz to evaluate how the patient is behaving in the doctor's office. These checklists are completed by the doctor at the time of the visit and aid in the diagnosis of a mental health disorder. These checklists are often used for disorders that display observable characteristics, such as the self-stimulation behavior common in autism. These tests are also valuable for use when the patient cannot complete his own assessment because he is too young or may have reading or writing difficulties.

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