What Do Different Types of Kisses Mean?


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Kisses can mean anything from "I love you" to "Hey, how are you?" Different types of kisses convey different meanings. It's all about how the kiss is executed.

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The French kiss is a very intimate kiss; it is done by using an open mouth and touching tongues; it is very sensual and usually done between lovers. The love kiss is also very intimate; it is done by thinking tender, loving thoughts while kissing your partner. They are used by significant others to show affection and love. On the other hand, the butterfly kiss is very simple and cute; it involves brushing your eyelashes against your partner's eyelids, or even their cheek, softly. These kisses are usually used by lovers to show their affection.

The Eskimo kiss, cheek kiss and air kiss are used among many cultures as greetings. The Eskimo kiss involves rubbing noses gently and is used among good friends. The cheek kiss is done by kissing the cheek, sometimes multiple times; in some cultures, it is done once, and in others, it is done two or three times. The air kiss is another very popular one; it is done by touching cheeks and simply making a kissing sound. All three of these kisses are used to say hello and as general greetings among friends and family in various cultures around the world.

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