What Are the Different Types of Hepatitis?

What Are the Different Types of Hepatitis?

Types of hepatitis include A, B, C, D and E, according to WebMD. The severity of hepatitis depends on the virus that causes the condition. Hepatitis is a condition in which the liver becomes swollen. Although it occurs mostly as a result of viral infection, it can also result from autoimmune disorder, medications, alcohol and toxic substances.

Hepatitis A spreads through contaminated water or food, notes WebMD. Typically, the condition improves and heals without treatment. It is preventable through vaccination.

Hepatitis B spreads through sexual intercourse with an infected person and sharing needles with an infected person. A baby can contract hepatitis B from the mother during delivery. Although no specific treatment is necessary for acute hepatitis B, antiviral medications are necessary for chronic hepatitis B. Just like hepatitis A, hepatitis B is also preventable through vaccination.

Hepatitis C spreads through infected blood or needles, and causes mild or no symptoms, says WebMD. It may cause liver cirrhosis and scarring. It is treatable through the use of antiviral medications. Liver transplant may be necessary if the condition causes liver scarring.

Hepatitis D is a severe form of hepatitis that attacks people who have previously suffered from hepatitis B, according to WebMD. It spreads through sex with an infected person. Children can get it from their mothers. It may recur after treatment. Hepatitis E spreads through water and food that is contaminated with feces, and is typically an acute condition that heals without treatment.