What Are Some Different Types of Eating Disorders?


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Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder are types of eating disorders, according to WebMD. Eating disorders are a group of conditions marked by an unhealthy relationship with food. The disorders tend to develop sometime between teenage and young adult years and are more common in females.

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Anorexia occurs when a person has an intense fear of being obese and relentlessly pursues thinness, WebMD notes. The symptoms include a refusal to eat enough food despite hunger, exercising obsessively, and a warped perception of body image.

Bulimia involves eating large amounts of food compulsively, and then purging or engaging in other extreme behavior to avoid weight gain, claims the National Institute of Mental Health. People with binge eating disorders eat large quantities of food in one sitting, and then feel guilt and shame about it afterwards.

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