What Are Some Different Types of Dental Diagrams?


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Types of dental diagrams include the maxillary arch, mandibular arch, fixed orthodontic appliances, dental implant, primary teeth and permanent teeth. Dental diagrams focus on certain sets of teeth or certain procedures that have been or will be done.

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There are many types of dental charts, each with their own subsections pertaining to specific teeth, groups of teeth or treatment. The most common dental diagrams show simple anatomic or geometric images of the teeth and are broken up into four quadrants: maxillary right, maxillary left, mandibular right and mandibular left. Dental charts vary from office to office and are chosen to meet the specific needs and preferences of each dentist.

Each dental chart serves as a record of treatment, including everything from cavity fillings to replacement teeth. Standard dental diagrams display a normal adult mouth, with the 32 full permanent teeth numbered in a universally-accepted order. In addition to a number, each tooth is marked with its classification as molar, bicuspid, incisor or wisdom tooth. Dental diagrams come with a symbol system to identify problems and necessary procedures such as teeth to be extracted, missing teeth, impacted teeth, de-calcification, rotated teeth, enamel sealant and teeth with temporary restoration, among several others.

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