What Are the Different Types of Common Labral Tears?


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Three common types of labral tears occur in shoulder joints, indicates Johns Hopkins Medicine. The labrum can tear completely from the shoulder bone, which is commonly associated with a dislocation or sublaxation of the shoulder. The second type is tearing within the labrum itself. This is common with age and often shows no symptoms. The third type occurs in the area where the bicep tendon attaches to the shoulder socket.

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In hip joints, labral tears can cause pain in the hip or groin area during bending and rotation of the hip, states University of California San Diego Health System. Sometimes, labral tears may cause clicking or catching within the hip.

The labrum is an area of cartilage found in shoulder and hip joints that protects the joint surface. A labral tear may result from an injury, osteoarthritis or altering of the joint structure, according to UC San Diego Health System. Labral tears are diagnosed by sports medicine physicians using X-rays or MRI arthrogram images of the affected area.

Treatment for a labral tear depends on the location of the injury, the cause of the damage and the severity of the damage, states Johns Hopkins Medicine. They are often repaired with arthroscopic surgical procedures.

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