What Are the Different Types of Cigarette Receptacles?

What Are the Different Types of Cigarette Receptacles?

Ash urns, tube cigarette receptacles and wall-mounted cigarette receptacles are some of the different types of cigarette receptacles. Other types include free-standing cigarette receptacles and smokers' stations.

Ash urns have media such as gravel or sand where the smoker snuffs his cigarette butts. Most ash urns are on a pedestal.

Tube cigarette receptacles can be free standing or mounted on a wall. They feature a simple tubular design that makes it easy for a smoker to deposit a cigarette butt. Once deposited into the tube, the cigarette butt extinguishes on its own. Metal is the main material used to construct these receptacles, with no other media needed.

Wall-mounted cigarette receptacles feature different cigarette-butt disposal methods and come in various sizes and shapes. When constructed with metal, these receptacles do not require any other media to extinguish a cigarette butt; other types have a separate butt container.

Free-standing cigarette receptacles are made from a variety of materials and are designed to restrict oxygen as the main means of extinguishing the cigarette. Butts go through a small opening to the collection chamber where they extinguish.

Smokers' stations are specially designed to reduce mess. They are typically self-extinguishing and hide cigarette litter from view for a more attractive smokers' area.