What Are the Different Types of Calorimeters?

There are many different types of calorimeters, such as accelerated rate calorimeters, titration calorimeters, scanning calorimeters and isothermal microcalorimeters. Each of these instruments measures heat or heat capacity.

Calorimeters are instruments that are used to measure the heat that is emitted or taken away from a specific process. They have greatly helped scientists determine properties for both physical changes and chemical reactions. For instance, a calorimeter could be used to measure the heat effect of the boiling of water. Different styles of calorimeters use different techniques to evaluate the heat effect of a process. Within the different styles of calorimeters, such as titration and scanning calorimeters, are specific types of calorimeters, such as the coffee cup calorimeter, the bomb calorimeter and the gas/water absorption calorimeter.

A coffee cup calorimeter is a simple form of calorimeter in which a thermometer is placed in a Styrofoam cup above some sort of combustion instrument. This type of calorimeter can easily determine the heat effects of boiling various liquids.

The bomb calorimeter is an instrument where a reaction occurs within a sealed chamber underwater. The thermometer measures the temperature change of the water, giving insight into the heat effect of the reaction within the sealed chamber.