What Are Some Different Strategies for Controlling Emotions?


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Strategies to control emotions include taking actions to rectify situations that produce intense emotions or relaxing the mind and body through meditation, suggests Psych Central. People can also cope with strong emotions by seeking therapy, writing, exercising and seeking social support from friends and family members.

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People can also control emotions by packing a bag or tote with items that provide comfort such as journals, favorite movies, books or lists of people to contact when their emotions are overwhelming, according to Psych Central.

Individuals coping with strong emotions can opt to avoid situations or circumstances that trigger feelings of anger or frustration. They can cope with anger by counting to 10 or walking away for approximately 10 minutes to regain composure or alleviate strong emotions, advises Psychology Today. People can minimize the strength of emotions by recognizing that they can only change their own behavior and not the behavior of others. Taking a different approach with people who produce feelings of annoyance or frustration may produce a different result that does not erupt in anger.

Thought management may help to redirect strong emotions, notes Psychology Today. People who feel sad can focus their thoughts on objects, people or situations that make them feel happy.

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