Are There Different Levels of Dementia?


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Doctors separate the different levels of dementia into five different stages, according to Healthline. The stages range from a score of CDR-0 to CDR-3, and they indicate the progression the disease in patients.

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Are There Different Levels of Dementia?
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The first stage of dementia, called CDR-0, occurs when a patient has no significant impairment, states Healthline. This means that the patient does not suffer from significant memory problems, is fully aware of time and place and is able to function normally in the outside world. A staging of CDR-.05 indicates minor memory problems and problems solving difficult tasks. However, at this stage, the patient can still take care of herself.

A staging of CDR-1 indicates short-term memory loss that may interfere in day-to-day tasks, states Healthline. Patients in this stage also become disoriented geographically and require reminders for performing personal care or household chores. CDR-2 indicates a moderate level of impairment. Patients in this stage of dementia need help with personal care and must have a companion in social situations. Additionally, there is more geographical disorientation, and damage to short-term memory is greater.

The final stage, CDR-3, indicates severe impairment, according to Healthline. At this time, patients are unable to function at all without help. They have no understanding of time or place, and it is almost impossible to continue with everyday activities.

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