What Are Some Different Flavors of Liquid Nicotine?


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Some different flavors of liquid nicotine include cherry, strawberry, grape and regular. There are also flavors designed to emulate traditional tobacco tastes, such as menthol and vanilla. Some more exotic flavors include chocolate and coconut.

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E-liquids, otherwise known as e-juices and nicotine liquids, are different blends of vaporizer liquids that vapers can use with their existing configuration. There are countless flavors available from numerous manufacturers and vendors. Among vaping's benefits is to reduce the dependency on cigarettes by helping smokers wean off with lower and lower nicotine levels. Other vapers enjoy the variety of tastes and smoke according to their mood, choosing a different flavor for different occasions. Some manufacturers choose creative names and blends for their flavors, such as Strawberry Daiquiri or Blueberry Lemonade.

E-liquids come in a variety of nicotine levels, ranging from zero milligram solutions that contain no nicotine to the heaviest concentrations at 54 milligrams. Each e-liquid cartridge also comes in a different size, which allows users to buy smaller amounts to test flavors or larger amounts once they choose a favorite. First-time vapers using e-liquids and vaporizer kits to help them stop a smoking habit should start slow and take their time, as different concentrations have different effects on the body.

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