What Are Some Different Accessories You Can Buy for a Wheelchair?

What Are Some Different Accessories You Can Buy for a Wheelchair?

Accessories that individuals can purchase for a wheelchair include tote bags, shelves, lap trays and cup holders, according to About.com. Individuals can also purchase cushions, positioners, elevation kits, seat belts and anti-rollback devices. Other accessories available for wheelchairs include storage bags, covers and canopies.

Individuals can purchase tote bags for wheelchairs that mount on the back or arm of the chair, notes About.com. Some tote bags offer additional features such as dividers, handles and quick-release clasps. Some tote bags offer fleece-lined pockets and zip enclosures. Shelves are available for attaching under the chair's seat, and special pouches are available to store a cane, an oxygen tank or a set of crutches. Individuals can purchase storage bags for stowing wheelchairs or special suitcases for storing collapsible wheelchairs.

Lap trays allow wheelchair users to set down food, books, electronic devices or other belongings, reports About.com. Grip pads are available for lap trays to provide a nonslip surface, allowing items to remain in place. Cup holders that attach to lap trays or to the wheelchair arm are available for conveniently storing beverages.

To make a wheelchair more comfortable, a variety of cushions are available. There are positioning cushions and cushions specially made with materials designed to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Positioners that attach to the chair's leg braces are available to secure the user's feet and calves. If a user needs to keep his knees or ankles at a 90-degree angle, he can use an elevation kit.

To ensure a wheelchair user's safety, seat belts can be added to chairs to keep a person from falling out, states About.com. Anti-rollback devices are also available to keep a person from tipping over backwards. To protect users from weather elements, covers and canopies are available.