What Is the Difference Between an OTS Knee and a ConforMIS Knee?


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The main difference between an OTS knee and a ConforMIS knee is the ConforMIS knee replacement is an individually made implant customized to suit the patient, according to Reuters. An OTS knee is a standard off-the-shelf implant.

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Clinical trials of the ConforMIS knee replacement show the rate of adverse events following the replacement surgery is much lower in patients who receive this type of replacement joint, explains Reuters. Only 1.6 percent of patients experienced problems compared to 13.9 percent of those who received the OTS replacement joint. Using the customized joint allows a greater number of patients to return to normal activity levels, mainly because of reduced adverse events experienced by those receiving a knee replacement designed for their specific joint shape, size and individual needs, notes Chester Knee Clinic.

In the study, one area of operative and postoperative care that showed significant differences was in the number of patients needing blood transfusions. Blood transfusions were required by 7.4 percent of those receiving OTS replacements compared to just 0.8 percent of those receiving ConforMIS replacements, states Reuters. ConforMIS knee replacements are significantly more expensive for care providers to purchase than the off-the-shelf knee joints; however, the aftercare costs of patients receiving the ConforMIS are much smaller, making the customized joint more cost effective over the long-term.

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