Is There a Difference Between the Cost Per Tooth of Lumineers and Traditional Veneers?


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As of 2015, the price of traditional veneers is about $1,100 for each tooth, whereas Lumineers cost up to $1,300 per tooth, or about 18 percent more, reports Angie's List. The number of veneers a patient gets in one dental session, the experience of the dentist and the dental clinic location are factors that affect the cost.

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Lumineers are a popular brand of dental veneers, which are small shells affixed to chipped or stained teeth, explains Angie's List. Some dentists offer discounts for veneers if a patient opts to have multiple veneers in one session. As veneers are categorized as a cosmetic procedure, many dental insurance plans don't cover their cost.

Lumineers have a thinner size than traditional veneers and are easier to place on the tooth with slight or no modification, states Angie's List. However, for heavy stains, traditional veneers are more effective in covering discoloration.

Patients planning to get veneers should choose an experienced dentist to ensure the veneers are affixed properly, preventing further costs caused by problems related to improper placement, advises Angie's List. Additionally, patients should ask about the procedure's guarantee period, if any, and if a quoted price includes follow-up sessions to check for correct fit.

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