What Is the Difference Between a Concussion and a Contusion?

The difference between a contusion and a concussion is that a concussion causes the brain to bounce hard enough to hit the skull while a contusion is bruise on the brain that might lead to swelling. Both are traumatic brain injury can lead to other problems depending on their severity, according to WebMD. Seeking early medical attention is necessary for prevention purposes.

Concussions commonly occur in sports and the number of such injuries in a year is 1.6 million to 3.8 million, as stated by WebMD. This injuries usually occurs when two athletes collide or when a person falls and hits the head on a hard object or surface. It can also occur when a person is hit on the head with equipment such as a hockey stick, according to Mayo Clinic. "Heading" the ball in soccer can lead to a concussion too. This type of injury can cause long-lasting affect the mental function of an individual.

A contusion causes bleeding in the brain leading to a blood clot. This can also be caused by a direct impact on the head that results to a bruise on the brain, according to Brain and Spinal Cord. A person may need a surgical operation to help treat the injury. In any case, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention.