Which Diets Allow You to Lose Weight Fast?


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There is no diet that truly results in fast weight loss; fad diets typically cause only temporary water loss. A person loses fat by combining exercise with eating the right quantities of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy products, says WebMD.

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Drinking at least 8 cups of water per day and eating several meals that contain between 200 and 300 calories each potentially aid weight loss, explains WebMD. It is also helpful to include a complex carbohydrate with each meal and to limit excess fat.

Selecting fruits, vegetables and meats in their raw forms rather than buying prepared meals empowers eaters to control the content of their meals and to make their bodies work a little harder to break down food, which burns more calories, says FitDay. Alcohol and refined foods such as white flour, juice and sugar are foods to avoid because they provide little nutrition, and a good diet limits foods that are high in calories but low in nutritional value.

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