How Do I Find a Dietician in My Area?

How Do I Find a Dietician in My Area?

How Do I Find a Dietician in My Area?

Finding a qualified dietician in your area starts with considering what type of dietician you are looking for. Then, consult a professional organization to search that organization's directory to find a local option. Finding dieticians with certain specialties may require additional research or travel time.

  1. Determine the type of dietician you need

    Determine the specific reason why you need a dietician. This may come as a matter of your own judgment or through the advice of another health professional. While some dieticians are generalists, others specialize in a certain type of nutrition, population or medical condition. Some examples include vegetarian, pediatric and diabetes dieticians.

  2. Search for a professional organization online

    Conduct an Internet search using relevant keywords, such as "registered dietician association" in a search engine. There are several large professional organizations that maintain websites. While many professional organizations are for all types of dieticians, there are some devoted to certain specialties. These websites often include their credentials and requirements for membership, which can allow you to determine if the advice is trustworthy.

  3. Search the professional organization's directory

    Review the professional organization's directory to find the dietician who best fits your needs. Some directories may offer a searching mechanism that allows you to search by specialty or location. Typically, these searches produce a name, contact information and a listing of the services provided.