What Are Some Dietary Tips for Reducing High Triglycerides?


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Dietary tips for reducing high triglycerides include abstaining from starchy vegetables, excessive amounts of fruit, alcohol, starchy foods, and sugary drinks, reports WebMD. However, baked goods, high-fat meats and natural sugar sources, such as honey or maple syrup, should also be avoided.

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Starchy vegetables should be avoided, as extra carbohydrates are converted into fat by the body, reports WebMD. Such vegetables include corn and peas. Starchy foods in general must be avoided for the same reason, and so cereals, pastas and potatoes should not be part of a triglyceride-lowering meal plan. Alcohol and sugary drinks are sources of simple carbohydrates and aid in the formation of fatty acids in the body. One 8-ounce serving of a sugary drink a day is allowed when reducing triglycerides, while no alcohol is recommended at all.

Fruit is recommended as a substitute for more unhealthy dessert choices, such as cake, but should not be eaten in excess of two or three pieces per day, states WebMD. Likewise, honey and maple syrup are still sources of simple sugars, even though they come from natural sources and can cause higher triglyceride levels. Baked goods and fatty meats must be limited, as these foods have high levels of saturated fats, which contribute directly to high triglyceride levels.

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