What Dietary Changes Can You Make to Reduce Your Body Mass Index?


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A major key to reducing BMI is to cook at home and avoid eating out, reports Dino Pierce, a dietician. Using reduced fat baking methods and increasing fiber intake can help, as can decreasing sugar intake through healthy substitutes.

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What Dietary Changes Can You Make to Reduce Your Body Mass Index?
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Individuals looking to reduce their BMI must avoid eating out at restaurants, insists Pierce. Restaurant prepared food often contains large amounts of fat and sodium, while cooking at home can put the individual in charge of what they put in their food as well as save money. Reducing the amount of fat in baked goods can have significant effects on BMI. Apple sauce can be substituted for oils, but vegetable oils may simply be used instead of solid fat products. When using this method, the total amount of oil used in the recipe can be reduced by a quarter. For example, if a recipe requires four tablespoons of melted butter, three tablespoons of oil may be substituted.

Reduced sugar consumption aids in the reduction of BMI as well, adds Pierce. A reduction of a third to a quarter of the sugar in a recipe works well in most cases, and the sugar may simply be replaced with flour. The use of whole wheat flour is recommended, as increased fiber consumption slows digestion. Finally, spices such as cinnamon or vanilla may be used as a way to increase sweetness without adding calories.

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