What Are Some Diet Tips for Someone With Diverticulitis?


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People suffering from diverticulitis are usually advised to follow a diet called a liquid diverticulitis diet, which includes ice pops, water, broths and fruit juices, as stated by WebMD. The diet may also include ice chips, tea without cream and gelatin. The liquid diet is an essential part of treating mild cases of diverticulitis.

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In addition to taking plenty of clear fluids, diverticulitis patients are also advised to eat low-fiber foods. These foods may include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole-grains foods and beans, as stated by WebMD. Normally, low-fiber foods are usually recommended when the condition starts improving. Fiber is essential as it helps to soften stools to allow them pass easily through large intestine. Some studies have revealed that eating high-fiber foods can also help relieve some symptoms of diverticulitis.

A patient can seek the help of a doctor when making a diet a plan. This will ensure that only recommended foods are included in the plan. In the past, there were several foods that were not recommended for diverticulitis patients, as stated by WebMD. Foods, such as corn, seeds and nuts, were believed to be hard to digest, thus leading to inflammation. Today, different researches have shown that there is no concrete evidence to prove for such claims.

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