What Are Some Diet Tips for Managing Chronic Pancreatitis?


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Some diet tips for chronic pancreatitis include drinking enough liquids, limiting fat, and eating small meals frequently, according to MedlinePlus. Patients must also get enough calcium and vitamins through supplements and limit caffeine.

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A doctor may suggest that those with chronic pancreatitis take pancreatic enzymes with every meal, as these may help digest the food more easily, explains MedlinePlus. These enzymes also may help the patient gain weight. People with chronic pancreatitis must limit alcohol intake and smoking.

Treatment for chronic pancreatitis may include hospitalization if the pain is severe, claims MedlinePlus. When in the hospital, a patient often receives intravenous pain medication and fluids and may have to stop eating altogether to limit the activity of the pancreas. In some cases, doctors suggest the removal of all of the stomach's contents to encourage the pancreas to heal.

For people who have mild cases of chronic pancreatitis, treatment may include pain medications or a surgical nerve block to eliminate pain, states MedlinePlus. Insulin may also help control blood sugar levels. In some cases, surgery may occur to remove pancreatic blockages. Surgery may be necessary to remove a part of, or the entire pancreas, in extreme situations. This is a serious condition that may turn fatal, but early treatment can help limit some of the more serious symptoms.

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