What Are Some Diet Tips for Insulin-Resistant People?


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People suffering from insulin resistance have a higher risk of developing diabetes and should follow a diet that emphasizes vegetables, fruit, whole grains, beans and nuts, according to Healthline. People with insulin resistance may need to lose weight, and a healthy diet combined with regular exercise helps manage blood sugar levels and promote heart health.

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High-protein, low-sugar foods such as eggs are a healthy source of nutrition and help prevent spikes in blood sugar and manage insulin resistance, according to SFGate. Pairing small portions of carbohydrates with high-protein foods helps to slow digestion and the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Yogurt is a good dairy option for many people, as the majority of the lactose is removed during production. Some types of yogurt include fruit, which increases the sugar content; however, many brands use artificial sweeteners to produce a low- or no-sugar version.

Healthy produce choices are those that raise blood sugar gradually, including bananas, apples, peaches, plums and grapes, according to Healthline. The healthiest option is to choose fresh, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables without added sodium or sugar. Fiber is removed during juicing processes, making fruit and vegetable juices less filling. Lean meats, poultry, fish and fat-free or low-fat dairy products are good protein choices, and whole grains, including oats, brown rice, whole-grain corn and barley, are more nutritious than processed grains.

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