What Diet Does the Mayo Clinic Recommend for a Healthy Heart?


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The Mayo Clinic recommends a diet that emphasises lots of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain foods to maintain a healthy heart, notes its website. Its diet plan also limits high-fat foods, such as red meats and cheeses, and foods high in sodium, such as canned or processed foods.

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Eating more fruits and vegetables may help prevent cardiovascular diseases, as plants contain substances to help combat the disorder, according to Mayo Clinic. Some of the best fruits and vegetables to add to the diet are fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits and vegetables canned in their own juices or water. Additionally, people should avoid fried or breaded vegetables and fruits packed in heavy syrup.

Adding whole-grain foods to the diet increases the amount of fiber a person eats and provides nutrients that help fight against high blood pressure, according to Mayo Clinic. When choosing which types of grains to add to a diet, people should pick those made of whole-wheat flour or 100 percent whole grains. High-fiber cereal and oatmeal, both regular and steel cut, are other good additions to a heart-healthy diet. Conversely, it is best to avoid or limit white, processed flour along with corn bread, quick breads and egg noodles. Additionally, people should limit their consumption of doughnuts, buttered popcorn, muffins, frozen waffles and snack crackers high in fat.

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