What Is the Best Diet for Kidney Failure Patients?


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The diet for people in kidney failure should limit fluid intake and add extra iron, according to Medline Plus. People who are in kidney failure are also considered to have anemia.

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Most people in kidney failure need to watch the amount of fluid they are eating and drinking, claims Medline Plus. Though this isn't as important in early stages of kidney failure, those in later stages should limit fluid as it can cause fluid buildup in the body. This buildup can cause shortness of breath, which can be an emergency situation. In addition to limiting fluids such as water, soup and fruit, individuals should also avoid salty food.

Since those with late-stage kidney failure are also anemic, it is imperative that enough iron is added to the diet, explains Medline Plus. Foods that are high in iron, such as meat, beans and iron-fortified cereal, are all appropriate. A doctor should explain how much extra iron is needed based on the iron levels of the patient. In general, those who have kidney issues should also make sure to get enough potassium. This helps to keep the heart beating correctly. Foods high in potassium include peaches, cherries, pineapple, yellow squash and wax beans. Individuals with kidney failure should avoid oranges, bananas, tomatoes, winter squash and cooked spinach.

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