How Does Diet Impact Your Chances of Getting Gastric Cancer?


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Diet has an impact on the chances of getting gastric cancer because some foods are considered risk factors for this disease. A diet that is high in saltand smoked foods and lacks sufficient amounts offruits or vegetables can increase therisk for getting gastric cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute. However, diet is only one of the many risk factors associated with stomach cancer.

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Some other risk factors for gastric cancer are age, ethnicity, smoking, genetics and having certain medical conditions,including a Heliobacter pylori infection, pernicious anemia and family history of gastric polyps, explainsWebMD.

Although there may not be a way to guarantee a person won't get stomach cancer, lowering the risk factorsmay help, states the American Cancer Society. Thiscan include eating higher amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding smoked or salty foods. The recommended daily amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is 2.5 cups or more of these foods, according tothe American Cancer Society. Individualsshould alsoeat whole-grain breads, fresh fish orpoultry and avoid processed meats andother processedfoods.

These dietary changes may help lower the risk, butmore studies are necessary to investigate if afactor like a dietary change is truly efficacious inlowering the risk of stomach cancer.Only a few studies suggest these findings, states the National Cancer Institute. For example, a few studies suggest that consumingfruits and vegetables that are rich invitamin C and beta-carotene may lower the risk forthis type of cancer.

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