What are some diet ideas for people with Crohn's disease?


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People with Crohn's disease should avoid spicy food, fatty food, alcohol, high-fiber foods and milk and dairy products, states WebMD. However, there is no proven evidence that making these dietary changes helps to control Crohn's disease. Other changes a person can make include eating small meals, drinking plenty of liquids and considering multivitamins.

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The cure for Crohn's disease is unknown, but some people claim that making dietary changes can help control the symptoms of the condition, notes WebMD. This condition causes the inflammation of the small intestine, making it difficult to absorb essential nutrients from food. While avoiding some foods can be helpful to some patients, having regular meals and a balanced diet provides the body the nutrients in needs. Patients should seek medical advice learn what changes can help.

The foods that trigger the symptoms differ from one patient to another. Patients can learn the kind of foods that affect them by keeping a symptom diary. After identifying the foods, a person can choose to limit them or learn other ways to incorporate them into a diet. Some patients opt for a low-residue diet, which helps to eliminate foods that add residue to the stool. Before making any changes, a person should seek the assistance of a dietitian.

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