What Are Some Diet Foods Safe for Pancreatitis?


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Patients with pancreatitis can eat a variety of foods that are low in fat, including lean meats, green leafy vegetables, blueberries, whole grains and cold-water fish, notes the University of Maryland Medical Center. Depending on a patient's tolerance to fat, diets for chronic pancreatitis can restrict the daily intake of fats to be in the range of 30 to 50 grams, states Stanford Health Care.

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However, for most patients, the recommendation may be 30 grams per day. Some other foods that are safe to eat on this low-fat diet are skinless poultry, egg whites, lean beef, kale, spinach, beans, lentils, squash, bell peppers, cherries and tomatoes. These foods provide good amounts of protein and carbohydrates. Olive or coconut oil are useful substitutes to other oil types. Patients need to avoid fried foods, trans fats, butter, sugar and refined and baked goods.

Additionally, alcohol should be eliminated from the diet, notes the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. A recommendation is to eat from four to six small meals per day so as to ensure the daily allotted fat intake is spread out throughout the day.

Pancreatitis occurs when there is an inflammation of the pancreas that causes symptoms such as pain in the abdominal region, nausea and vomiting. Pancreatitis can be acute or chronic. The cause of pancreatitis may be gallstones, alcohol consumption, certain medications, increased levels of triglycerides and some types of infections, states the University of Maryland Medical Center. Patients with ongoing or chronic pancreatitis can require these low-fat diets.

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