What Is the Best Diet for a Fatty Liver?


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A balanced and healthy diet that limits calories and does not include refined, rapidly digested carbohydrates, such as breads, grains, potatoes, corn and concentrated sugar drinks and juices, is recommended for treating fatty liver disease, according to WebMD. Increasing physical activity is also suggested.

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What Is the Best Diet for a Fatty Liver?
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Individuals with fatty liver disease who drink heavily should quit; continued use of alcohol can lead to chronic liver diseases, such as cirrhosis or alcoholic hepatitis, states WebMD. Seeking treatment for underlying disease, such as diabetes, is recommended, and individuals should lose weight gradually if they are overweight. A recent study showed that a weight loss of 9 percent can reverse liver inflammation and lessen the buildup of fat in the liver. Certain antioxidants, such as vitamin E, selenium and betaine, and newer diabetes medications may help treat fatty liver disease because of the link to oxidative stress and diabetes. Studies show that the healthy live bacteria or yeasts in probiotics may play a role in treatment by counteracting unbalanced diets.

Fatty liver disease is often diagnosed by blood tests when elevations in certain liver enzymes are seen, explains WebMD. It may also show up on an abdominal ultrasound or during a physical exam by a physician. A liver biopsy is the only way to confirm a diagnosis of fatty liver disease.

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