How Does Diet Help You Avoid Gallbladder Attacks?


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Although diet does not directly cause gallbladder problems and modifying it isn't a cure, it can help patients maintain a healthy weight, which helps prevent gallstones from forming, and avoid discomfort, explains WebMD. Diets that are high in cholesterol and fat but low in fiber play a role in causing discomfort as a result of gallstones.

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Although no particular foods have been clearly demonstrated to be independent risk factors of gallbladder disease as of 2015, Everyday Health confirms that controlling weight is the best method for avoiding the condition, explains Everyday Health. People should check their weight by eating well-balanced diets that include fiber-rich foods, such as whole grain bread, bran cereals, oats and brown rice; fresh fruits and vegetables; lean meats, such as fish and chicken; and low-fat dairy products. Studies also show that those who eat nuts such as tree nuts and peanuts may prevent gallstones, but they have to do so in moderation because the nuts contain a lot of fat.

The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped sac that lies below the liver. It plays an important role in digestion, storing and doling out bile to digest fat, as Everyday Health describes. Sometimes, gallstones may form in the gallbladder, blocking the flow of bile, which causes pain and discomfort. People who are obese and overweight are at a high risk of developing gallstones as well as other gallbladder problems.

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