What Is the Best Diet After a Gastric Bypass?


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The Mayo Clinic recommends a four-phase diet after gastric bypass surgery. The first phase is comprised only of liquids such as broth, unsweetened juice, milk and strained cream soup. The second consists of pureed foods without any solid pieces in the mixture, like lean ground meats, egg whites, and soft fruits and vegetables. The third phase allows soft, solid foods like cooked vegetables, and the fourth reintroduces fully solid foods.

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There is not one diet that fits all gastric bypass patients. Doctors will outline dietary guidelines specific to a patient's type of surgery, where the surgery is performed and the individual situation. According to the four phases outlined by the Mayo Clinic, patients move forward in each phase as a doctor monitors the body's response to certain foods.

Some patients may heal faster than others. Generally, patients are able to return to normal dietary habits within three months after surgery. It is not uncommon for patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery to develop an aversion or intolerance to certain foods suddenly.

Immediately following the surgery, patients are not allowed to eat any foods for a period of at least two days to allow the stomach to begin its healing process. The doctor's prescribed diet will begin when the patient can tolerate liquids.

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