How Did Rachael Ray Lose Weight?


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Rachael Ray lost weight by performing cardiovascular exercise such as running and elliptical training at the gym, according to Women's Health. In addition to the exercise routine, Rachael also adopted a healthier way of eating via the Mediterranean diet.

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Rachael's healthy lifestyle began after she underwent surgery to remove a cyst from her vocal chords at the age of 40, according to Women's Health. Having to spend the next three weeks completely mute inspired Rachael to vent her frustration and expend energy in alternate ways. She began by running or using the elliptical trainer at the gym. After three weeks, she noticed she was thinking clearer and her mood was more stable. As of 2014, Rachael hits the gym six mornings a week and does a mixture of cardiovascular and strength training exercise.

The Mediterranean diet Rachael follows emphasizes a heavy intake of plant-based foods, according to the Mayo Clinic. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and beans are recommended, as well as fish, poultry, herbs and spices. The diet places emphasis on eating unsaturated, healthy fats such as olive oil and avoiding saturated or trans fats such as butter and margarine, while red wine consumption is permitted in moderation. In addition to key food changes, the Mediterranean diet also recommends regular physical activity and quality meal time spent with family and friends.

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