How Did Patti Reilly Lose Weight?


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Patti Reilly lost weight by eating healthy, balanced meals, limiting portion sizes and exercising five to six days per week. Exercises she performs include running, elliptical workouts, Zumba, aero pilates and yoga.

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Patti Reilly began her weight loss by conducting a self evaluation of her diet and exercise habits. She determined that she wasn't getting enough nutrients and her portions were too large. She enjoyed walking but decided that she needed to exercise more.

An example of a balanced meal Reilly would eat is grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli and cottage cheese. She measured snacks to make sure she only ate 1/4 of a cup. She ate oyster crackers as a snack, but progressed to healthier alternatives, such as almonds, cashews, turkey slices and fruit. To manage food cravings, Reilly drank water or sipped low sodium chicken broth. During her diet, Reilly stopped consuming caffeine, dairy, wheat and gluten, along with decreasing sugar consumption.

Reilly worked with a personal trainer who tailored her workouts to her body type. She also ran on the treadmill, gradually increasing her speed. She trained with weights for structure, discipline and definition, particularly in her arms. She exercised even if she only had 20 to 30 minutes available, and walked her dogs in her free time.

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