Did Johns Hopkins Release an Update About Natural Treatments for Cancer?


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Johns Hopkins Medicine states that it did not release an update about natural treatments for cancer. The health care system, which is associated with Johns Hopkins University, affirms that a widely circulated, cancer-related email attributed to Johns Hopkins is an Internet hoax that has no connection to the organization. The Johns Hopkins name was used without its consent to make the email seem more credible.

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According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the suspect email questions traditional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatment, and recommends dietary changes and other lifestyle choices instead. Johns Hopkins maintains that many patients benefit from traditional treatments and that there are multitudes of cancer survivors to support them. The Johns Hopkins website extensively overturns each portion of the hoax email with sound scientific evidence. It recommends that people get further information about cancer causes and treatments from trusted medical sources.

Johns Hopkins Medicine points out that the viral email hoax frequently contains the subject line or title, "Cancer Update From John Hopkins." This title leaves off the "s" at the end of Johns, creating a misspelling of the organization's name. The organization recommends that readers watch for typos, poor grammar and bad spelling as signs to question the authenticity of any purported update from their organization.

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