What Did Charles Saatchi Eat That Made Him Lose Five Stone?


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In 2008 several news sources in the United Kingdom, including the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, reported that Charles Saatchi spent about nine months on an eggs-only diet. However, the Daily Mail reported that Saatchi lost four stone, while the Telegraph reported he lost five stone. According to the Daily Mail, Saatchi's diet consisted of nine eggs per day: three at breakfast, three at lunch and three at dinner.

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Saatchi's diet dismayed nutritionists but prompted a rise in supermarket egg sales. Anna Denny, a nutrition scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation, states that eggs had a bad reputation for a long time because of the belief that the cholesterol in yolk raises blood cholesterol levels, but current research suggests that yolk has no such effect. She explains that Saatchi's diet of nine eggs a day is unlikely to cause significant cholesterol as long as the rest of the diet remains balanced, low in fat and healthy. However, an individual who limits a diet to eggs misses out on many essential nutrients. This diet may leave people deficient in nearly all essential vitamins and minerals, particularly iron. An egg-only diet also leaves people far below estimated daily calorie requirements. A large egg has about 75 calories.

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