How Did Andre Rieu Overcome His Illness?

Violinist Andre Rieu overcame a crippling ear virus in 2010 primarily through a combination of rest and vestibular rehabilitation therapy, a specialized physical therapy designed to help patients regain their sense of balance, states the Daily Mail. The vestibular nerve infection left Rieu unable to stand without getting dizzy.

The main symptom of vestibular nerve infection is vertigo, according to the Daily Mail. It occurs when a virus reaches the vestibular nerve in the inner ear, interfering with the messages the nerve sends to the brain about how to balance. Rieu described the onset of this illness in an interview with the Daily Mail, saying he woke in the middle of the night and felt the room rapidly spinning. Doctors told him it would take six months of rest to recover, but he found this unacceptable, due to his busy music career and his staff of dozens of musicians and crew.

Rieu learned about vestibular rehabilitation therapy through a letter from someone who also suffered from the condition, states the Daily Mail. The therapy consists of eye movements and walking exercises, which Rieu performed diligently three times a day. After three months, he had returned to full health.

Doctors also proposed that stress was one of the triggers of the illness, and so, to prevent a relapse, Rieu has restructured his life to reduce stress, he told the Daily Mail.