Where Did Aerobics Come From?


According to WebMD, Kenneth Cooper is the father of aerobics and is recognized as a leader in the international physical fitness movement. He is the founder, and as of 2014, the current president of the Cooper Aerobics Center. He has been credited with encouraging more people to exercise in pursuit of good health than any other individual.

The European Union of Gymnastics states that the word "aerobic" was first used in 1875, when Louis Pasteur used it to classify bacteria that needed oxygen to survive. The word has Greek origins and means "oxygen for life." The UEG also writes that Kenneth Cooper began presenting research studies in the 1960s signifying the importance of low-intensity aerobic exercises and showing that regular use of these exercises helped prevent cardiovascular diseases and lower weight.

Cooper Aerobics states that Kenneth Cooper inspired millions to exercise for good health when he released his first best-seller, "Aerobics," in 1968. He is also known for strongly advocating that modern medicine should shift towards disease prevention rather than disease treatment. Cooper's area of interest focuses on preventative medicine; he encourages everyone to maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy meals regularly, exercise often, take supplements, stop smoking, control alcohol intake, manage stress and get regular physical exams.