What Are Some Diarrhea Remedies for Kids?


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Diarrhea remedies for kids include fluids, electrolyte solutions and gradual reintroduction of mild foods, according to WebMD. Parents should only give diarrhea medications to children on the recommendation of a pediatrician.

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What Are Some Diarrhea Remedies for Kids?
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Diarrhea in children usually resolves on its own, according to WebMD. Parents can support their child's recovery by giving plenty of fluids. Breastfeeding mothers should continue to nurse their baby as usual. Parents of older children can give oral electrolyte solution or clear broth to help prevent dehydration.

When a child is ready to start eating again, parents should give mild foods. It's best to avoid spicy or fried food, notes WebMD. Cooked green bananas can be an effective home remedy for diarrhea, according to MedicineNet.

Many medicines are available for treating diarrhea. However, not all of them are suitable for children, particularly not babies and toddlers. Parents should avoid giving anti-motility medications, such as loperamide or Imodium, to children younger than two years of age, advises MedicineNet. Similarly, medications such as Pepto-Bismol, which contain bismuth subsalicylate, are not suitable for children under two and also pose serious risks in children who are suffering from viral infections. Parents should consult a pediatrician before giving any diarrhea medications, according to WebMD.

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