What Does Diarrhea When You're 37 Weeks Pregnant Mean?

The 37th week of pregnancy occurs during the third trimester, which also means a woman is getting ready to deliver her child. Diarrhea during this time is often experienced and is the body's way of preparing a woman for the delivery, explains BabyMed. Because the process of delivering a child is similar to a bowel movement, cleansing of the intestinal tract acclimates a woman to giving birth.

BabyMed notes that the 37th week of pregnancy represents the full term. Therefore, if a woman reaches this point of gestation, she does not have to worry about a premature birth. At this point, the fetus weighs an average of 6.5 pounds.

During the 37th week, a woman's vaginal discharge is also more abundant and thick. The body is merely preparing the birthing canal with the lubricant. The baby's position is the same position the infant assumes during delivery. If the head, during this week, is not in a down position, the physician may elect to turn the infant. According to BabyMed, external repositioning is effective around 60 percent of the time. During this final period, preparations should be made with respect to hospital transportation. Write down essential phone numbers or add them to a cellphone contact list for ease of access.