What Does a Diagram of Shoulder Anatomy Show?


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A diagram of shoulder anatomy shows the muscles that make up the shoulder, according to InnerBody. Another type of diagram shows the bones and ligaments that make up the shoulder.

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The most important muscles in the shoulder are those that make up the rotator cuff, according to InnerBody. These are the teres minor, the supraspinatus, the subscapularis and the infraspinatus. These muscles originate in the shoulder blade and allow the humerus, or the long bone in the upper arm, to move. Other muscles surround the rotator cuff muscles.

The bones that make up the shoulder include the scapula and the clavicle, says InnerBody. These join with the humerus to make the shoulder joint. The ligaments that help hold them together include the trapezoid ligament and the conoid ligament.

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