What Are the Diagnostic and Medical Treatments Available at Kaiser Hospital?


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Some of the diagnostic and medical treatments available at Kaiser Hospital include enhanced screening facilities for cancer, blood pressure monitoring for patients at high-risk for cardiac conditions and bone density testing. For osteoporosis, the hospital has a program for education coupled with the required treatment, according to Kaiser Permanente.

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The hospital prides itself on having a team of the best doctors, nurses and health care staff, particularly for cancer, according to Kaiser Hospital’s cancer care website. It employs a 360-degree approach to cancer treatment, which includes 700 oncologists, oncology pharmacists and registered nurses and combines leading-edge cancer procedures with conscientious follow-up, states Kaiser Permanente.

The cardiac care system begins with monitoring the blood pressure, with an emphasis on education and the prevention of heart disease. When treatment is required, the hospital prides itself on being at the forefront of cutting-edge re-vacularization procedures such as coronary artery bypass grafting, or CABG. The technique uses a healthy artery from another part of the body to circumvent the blocked artery. This is combined with a range of medications, a beta-blocker and lifestyle changes, according to Kaiser Permanente.

The best approach in caring for hip injuries is to prevent them, notes Kaiser Permanente. Hence the doctors at this hospital emphasize education combined with enhanced testing for bone density and medications for osteoporosis, to keep the senior members of the community healthy.

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