How Do You Diagnose a Skin Rash on Your Feet?

One of the first steps in diagnosing a foot rash is comparing symptoms to some of the more common types of foot rash, including heat rash, eczema and athlete's foot. Among the most common types of foot rash is athlete's foot, which presents differently in each individual, states WebMD.

Athlete's foot, a type of fungal infection, is highly contagious, and, therefore, is one of the most common causes of skin rash on the feet. Any individual who has been in a damp environment, especially a public one such as a shower area, has strong reason to suspect that his foot rash may be athlete's foot. Among the symptoms of this condition are cracking and peeling of the feet, a burning or itching sensation, blistering, and redness, states WebMD.

Athlete's foot can affect various parts of the foot. Commonly it appears between the toes around the webbing. It can also appear across the entire sole and heel of the foot. The appearance of athlete's foot is similar to other conditions of the foot such as pitted keratolysis, states WebMD.

Individuals who doubt their exposure to the fungus that causes athlete's foot or whose symptoms do not match may consider the possibility that they have another condition such as eczema. Those who also have rashes on other parts of the body, such as the hands, may be suffering from an outbreak, states WebMD. Heat rash as a result of moist conditions and tight-fitting shoes or socks may also be a potential diagnosis.