How Do You Diagnose Skin Fungus?


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Skin fungus is often diagnosed based on the appearance of the symptoms, according to WebMD. The presence of fungus is confirmed by examining scrapings of the skin under a microscope.

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Doctors often diagnose jock itch, a fungal infection that shows up most frequently around the genitals and buttocks, based on the location and type of symptoms, which include itching, burning and flaking skin. Examination of shed scales of skin can confirm the diagnosis, as WebMD explains. The same is true of ringworm, a fungal infection that can occur all over the body and typically takes the form of a circular rash with scaly skin.

Yeast infections and the fungal infection that causes athlete's foot are usually only diagnosed after scrapings of skin are examined microscopically. Athlete's foot infections can be confused with other causes of itchy, scaly feet, so doctors typically examine skin under a microscope to confirm their diagnosis, per WebMD. Yeast infections can occur in skin folds and nail beds and are most common in the vagina, where symptoms take the form of a discharge, itching and burning. A yeast infection in the mouth, also known as thrush, can often be diagnosed simply by visual inspection, since it typically presents with small white dots throughout the mouth.

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