How Do Diabetics Test Their Blood Sugar Levels?


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Diabetics test their glucose levels by using a special device called a glucose meter. The device reads the amount of glucose in the blood sample that a person places on the test strip, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Usually, a doctor will advise a patient on the best device to use in testing their blood sugar levels.

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How Do Diabetics Test Their Blood Sugar Levels?
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While using the glucose meter to test glucose levels, a person pricks his or her fingertip using a sharp needle to get a blood sample. The blood drop is put on a disposable test strip, which is put into the meter that reads the blood sugar level. It takes up to 15 seconds for the device to show the results of the test. There are different types of glucose meters to use. Some will display the average glucose level of a person over a certain period of time. Graphs and charts of past tests can also be displayed.

The meter should be used as directed in the manual to avoid encountering any problems. Used test strips should be disposed and the device should be cleaned regularly. A person needs to check his or her glucose level several times a day, especially before driving, before meals, when going to bed or when a person thinks his or her glucose level is low, as stated by WebMD.

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